Guadeloupe Regional Council

Located at the centre of  the Caribbean region, the Guadeloupe archipelago is 2 200 km away from Florida and 600 km away from South American coasts. Be it white or black sand beaches, hilly countrysides, mangrove, dense and damp forests or waterfalls and rivers — this French Department in the Americas possesses a wide range of exceptional natural environments, both terrestrial and marine, as well as an impressive quantity of remarkable sites.

The Guadeloupe Regional Council is also an assembly elected by Guadeloupeans, with competency in most sectors concerning the archipelago’s daily life and future: economic development, training, transports, land use planning, culture, sports, environment… The Guadeloupe Regional Council goes beyond the mere State-assigned jurisdiction and promotes an agenda rooted in equal opportunity.

The Region happens to be the collectivity that enjoys the most significant State jurisdiction transfers.

Since 2002, new competencies have been transferred to the region on an experimental basis: heritage protection, developing maritime ports and airfields, implementing a regional plan for air quality and listing regional natural reserves, digital development (law of January 27th, 2014 for the modernisation of public action and metropolitan assertion). Finally, in 2014, the Guadeloupe Region became a managing authority for European programmes for the 2014-2020 time period.

As a leading body, the Guadeloupe Regional Council fosters actions aimed at sustainably developing the territory, protecting biodiversity, supporting innovation, internationalising firms especially towards the Caribbean market, promoting intermodal and complementary transports solutions, as well as supporting research and higher education.

Our goal is to make a promising land out of our archipelago.

The Guadeloupe Regional Council strives to provide its residents with as many tools and opportunities as possible in order to accompany them on their path to success. It also aims at preserving their purchasing power and improving their living conditions. The Region is thereby eager to take up challenges deriving from insularity and remoteness from both Metropolitan France and Europe, and to take advantage of this ideal geographical location for conquering the Caribbean market in view of boosting the economy.

Actualités en relation

  • Le mois de l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire, en Guadeloupe

    Cette année encore, la Région Guadeloupe s'associe au CRESS des îles de Guadeloupe et ses partenaires autour du mois de l'ESS, en Guadeloupe. Tout au long du mois de novembre, de nombreux évènements sont organisés afin de promouvoir l’ESS, comme mode d’entrepreunariat, un outil de développement économique et social de notre territoire.

  • Caribbean location cinema Road Show, en Guadeloupe

    La Région Guadeloupe, terre de tournages accueille du 15 au 17 novembre 2018, le premier Caribbean location Road show organisé par la Région Guadeloupe. Cette année, le cinéma guadeloupéen fête ses 50 ans ; l’occasion de rappeler que la Guadeloupe est devenue la région la plus attractive de France pour l’accueil des tournages, compte tenu du cumul de ses incitatifs.

    Pour la 1re fois, l’ensemble des commissions du film de la Caraïbe se retrouvera en Guadeloupe, à

    l’initiative de la Région Guadeloupe et en partenariat avec Film France, les professionnels et forces vives du territoire, pour...

  • La Région Guadeloupe, accueille l'édition 2018 de la Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe

    Dès le 9 novembre, la Guadeloupe accueillera et célébrera les 40 ans de la Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe. Pour cette édition anniversaire, le Président de Région a voulu que l’événement ne soit pas seulement une compétition sportive mais aussi un espace culturel et de développement économique permettant de mettre en valeur toutes les réalisations de notre territoire.