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“ Film producers contribute to the dynamic growth of our economy. The Region has decided to structure and develop the film and audiovisual sector in Guadeloupe, by supporting those who put forward projects in helping them to create employment and to participate in the development of the territory”.

The Guadeloupe Regional Film Commission (GFC)

As a part of the Film France Network, the GFC has a mandate to facilitate the shooting of film, audiovisual, photographic content, and post-production activities in its territory.

What is the Objective?

The GFC plays a crucial role in helping to relay collective effort to support collaboration between production houses and local stakeholders. 30% of Tax Rebate for film production, various incentives which make everything possible.

Who are the Beneficiaries?

Irrespective of the nature of the production, the national origin of the project or the production house, if you are a Producer, Art Director, Location Scout, Photographer or any other kind of professional involved in the preparation, shooting or post-production of film or audiovisual content, our Film Commission’s services are for you.

Available Services

The Film Commission can offer you various services:

Set and documentation research

Access to a network of professional and institutional contacts

Logistic support

Forms of Support/ Intervention

The more information you provide to the GFC upon making your request the more effective we can be in facilitating you and your project in Guadeloupe.

The GFC will hold all information provided by production teams in the strictest confidence.

Multi-level Support

pre-production / preparation for location scouting / casting / feasibility study / communication

Submission Requirements

The GFC offers you multi-level support for all your film projects in Guadeloupe (shorts, features, TV films, commercials, music vidéos and photography). Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Be inspired by Guadeloupe



Look for the Guadeloupe Film Commission at these events:

-          Cannes Film Festival & International Film Market (Cannes, France)

-          FEMI Film Festival & International Film & TV Market (Guadeloupe)

-          Caribbean Tales Festival (Barbados)

-          AFCI Location Trade Show (Los Angeles, USA)

-          Paris Location Show (France)